Whilst the vines take a deserved rest before they start their work again, let's take a moment to review the year just past to better understand the wines of the 2012 vintage. Here are a few points of note :

Springtime in winter :

After the plentiful rains of autumn, the start of winter reserved spring like weather for us with high temperatures for the time of year but notably a lack of rainfall. Judge for yourself, we went through two and a half months without a single millimetre of rain. Has this ever been seen since weather observations began ? Consequently, when the first shower fell during the night at the start of February, it was a moment of such relief which caused me to fall back into a deep and restful sleep. Nature had almost lost its head... Such that at the start of January the first of the fig flowers began to show their face and when one made the first cuts of pruning, one felt that the sap was not far from flowing. The cold snap at the start of February (one of the hardest for 50 years) was a reminder to nature that winter was still present and that it was still necessary to rest and recover. From St Valentine's Day, the thaw began with temperatures which were rather high for the time of year and budding took place successfully.

Autumn in springtime

The months of April and May proved to be wet and cold. If the rainfall was healthy in terms of restoring reserves of water, the quite cool temperatures rather delayed the vines' vegetation... Let's remind ourselves that we are in the south : the Mistral and Tramontane winds dry out moisture. Unlike other wine producing regions we were to be one of the rare regions where mildew caused relatively little damage. Flowering took place almost two weeks late.. And then, at the end of May, we had summer temperatures.

A cool, damp early summer and then, lovely weather arrived...

Even if June and the start of July were damp and cool, the summer turned out rather hot with little rainfall. Hot temperatures during the day with cool nights, these are ideal conditions for the development of oïdium which became the significant event of this vintage at our domaine... Throughout July the pressure was as fierce as it has ever been. Such that where we would only carry out one treatment in July we were obliged to undertake three treatments to save the crop... But, in the end, the grapes were in a lovely state for the vendanges which began a week later than usual...

Harvest time...

The vendanges lasted almost a month.. It was a vintage of creativity, inspiration, trials and experiments... Different forms of vinification for the same parcel, several stages of maturity, there was a large range of tastes, aromas, flavours and colours at the time of marrying together the different wines. And not one cuvée saw any SO 2 .

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